You first fell in love with Miley Cyrus on the Disney Channel with Hannah Montana, and it's still nostalgic thinking about those days. Even though she was one of the Disney golden children, there's one thing that a bunch of her fellow Disney kid cohorts got that she never did — her own Disney Channel Original Movie.

In a new Entertainment Weekly interview with exec Gary Marsh, he reveals that Miley is shockingly the only major Disney Channel star who never lead a DCOM.

However, Miley had a small cameo in High School Musical 2, dancing by the country club pool in the final number.

miley cyrus high school musical 2 cameo

While you probably recall The Hannah Montana Movie, it's not technically a DCOM because it premiered in theaters. However, Gary says that the Disney Channel comes up with a script first, and then tries to find the star that will fit the role best. They still have to audition.

“With rare exception, we wrote the scripts first and then looked through the roster to see who made the most sense for the role. We said to all the talent, ‘You don’t get the part because you’re in a Disney Channel series.’ You get first right to earn the part," Gary said.

"Almost every one of [the actors] has to audition, and they all look at us with the same, ‘But you know me!’ and we say, ‘But this isn’t you. This is a part you have to earn.'"

Guess there was never the right fit!

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