Taylor Swift may be the subject of countless dating rumors, but the singer actually hasn't gone on a date in over a year! In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer suggests she hasn't dated anyone since she broke up with One Direction's Harry Styles.

"Like, have not gone on a date," she said. "People are going to feel sorry for me when you write that. But it's true."

Even though she hasn't been dating, Taylor says that she hasn't given up on guys for good. She's just too busy for love at this stage of her life.

"I don't have the energy to be in love right now. It's not like I've sworn off love. My life is just not conducive to bringing other people into it right now. I'm very childlike and romantic about lots of things, but I'm realistic about this."


Consequently, her new album 1989 won't be focused on her love life (even if there's still a lot of drama in the album) because she hasn't endured a lot of heartbreak since her album Red.

"Different phases of your life have different levels of deep, traumatizing heartbreak. And in this period of my life, my heart was not irreparably broken. So it's not as boy-centric of an album, because my life hasn't been boy-centric."

Still, it seems like she has a few songs about Harry on the album. There's one called "I Wish You Would," which is about an old boyfriend who bought a house a few blocks away from her, and another song appropriately called "Style."

However, the most glaringly obvious song about Harry is called "Out of the Woods." The lyrics go, "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room," which she says was inspired by a snowmobile ride with an ex that went awry. It allegedly references Harry's injury at a ski resort while he was vacationing with Taylor. That sounds about right!

When do you think Taylor will start dating again? Are you excited to hear her new album? Tell us in the comments!

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