Two fandoms we never thought would come together are about to freaking come together, you guys. Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard and The Fault in Our Stars main man Ansel Elgort are teaming up for one epic feature film. They are set to star in the movie adaptation of the best selling novel, The Goldfinch, and we can hardly wait. Finn is going to play the role of ‘Young Boris’ who has lost his mother at an early age. Ansel, on the other hand, is playing the character, Theo. He has also lost his mom during a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a wealthy New York City family has since taken him in.

The film follows Theo trying to cope with losing his mother at such a young age and an adult Theo trying to recover a stolen painting. A young Theo and Boris reportedly bond over the connection they both have over losing their mothers. Other than that, details about the film are very slim. However, Sarah Paulson and Luke Wilson are amongst the other stars that have apparently signed on for the project.

Fans should be super excited about this. As we know from Fault In Our Stars, Ansel is a pure mastermind when it comes to playing roles that will make us cry. Finn, well, Stranger Things didn’t exactly have us in tears. Yes, we were totally freaked out, but we have a feeling this role will be something completely different than what we’re used to watching Finn play. It’s going to be totally riveting, really, I can tell.

Finn has yet to speak out about the role, however, he did retweet The Hollywood Reporter’s story about the whole thing. Ansel also retweeted and added a clapping hands emoji. So, it’s safe to say that these two are pretty damn excited along with the rest of the world.

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