Did you know there is a real school based off of the show Fame?! No, seriously, it’s New York City’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts — and so many celebrities have attended the high school, from Timothée Chalamet to Nicki Minaj!

Keep reading to uncover all of the celebs who’ve attended LaGuardia.

Along with Timothée, The Fault In Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort also attended the Fame-inspired high school — and they often competed for the same parts in school musicals and plays.

In December 2018, Ansel posted a now-deleted Instagram which featured himself and Timothée courtside at a basketball game.

“Laguardia high school pride,” he captioned the post. “It’s really crazy, Timmy and I played on the same basketball team, we had the same drama teacher Mr. Shifman, we had the same science teacher Mr.Singh, and then in the same year, both of us are nominated for a f$&king Golden Globe!!! Living the dream sitting courtside at the Knicks game together. Life is crazy.”

On top of that, the Dune actor actually was initially rejected by the competitive school. However — one teacher had his back.

“He was extraordinarily gifted,” Timothée’s drama teacher and mentor Harry Shifman told The Post in January 2019.“I found it outrageous that someone so brilliant could fall through the cracks. I’m grateful the principal was open to my demands and tantrums [to get Timothée accepted]. I’m sure she realizes now she made the right decision. Timothée was destined to be an actor.”

At LaGuardia, the Wonka actor had a lead part in Sweet Charity, but lost out to the leading role in Hairspray to Ansel. A video of Timothée rapping — as Lil Timmy Tim — for a statistics class is still on YouTube and has become a favorite amongst fans of the actor.

“I did it with a friend on a green screen in school, and I was gonna Photoshop my teacher’s face in, but I got too lazy, so now … I’m pointing around and there’s nothing,” he revealed on the The Graham Norton Show in 2018.

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