Fans may know Finn Wolfhard has Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, but the actor has actually nabbed tons of roles since the show’s 2016 premiere! And there are way more movies and TV shows in his future. Not to mention, he’s also looking to break into filmmaking in the near future.

While working alongside famed director Guillermo del Toro in the 2022 movie Pinocchio, the actor got a chance to pick the filmmaker’s brain for the next phase of his career.

“I just ask him a bunch of stuff. I haven’t really scratched the surface yet because I don’t want to bother him,” Finn told HollywoodLife in December 2022. “I started getting into filmmaking because of old kind of horror and gore movies, and he’s the king of owning horror stuff and making horror movies, so just being able to talk to him about stuff is pretty amazing. His stories are unbelievable.”

He may have one more season of Stranger Things and a few projects in the works, but the Canada native is also hard at work on his music. Initially, he was a member of the now-defunct band Calpurnia before joining The Aubreys.

“We’re designing exactly what we want our career to be,” he told NME in November 2021 of his new music group. “If I wasn’t acting, maybe [working with] a label would make sense, but sometimes with labels you can start to be pushed in a certain direction. With self-releasing, the band always comes first and so does creativity. Sometimes it can get a little more muddled when you have more people that you’re trying to make money for.”

Not to mention, the Ghostbusters: Afterlife star explained how he’s changed drastically since transitioning from Calpurnia to The Aubreys.

“Literally none of the songs on the Calpurnia EP were drawn from personal experience at all,” Finn explained int he same interview. “I feel like now I really draw from personal experience and try to write how I feel. I didn’t really know how to do that at that point. I think I was too young to figure it out.”

While music is definitely a passion for him, Finn’s first love was acting — and it’s made him a total star! Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of all Finn’s projects since starring in Stranger Things. 

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