You really got to know Froy Gutierrez's character, Charlie, in the Homecoming episode of Bella and the Bulldogs. (Um, his love triangle with Bella Dawson and Zach Barnes is keeping us at the edge of our seats!) Obviously, fans have passionate opinions about which guy she should end up with, so we had to ask Froy how he feels about all the shipping.

"It's just a cool experience. Just the amount of love and excitement and engagement from everyone, and the fact that we get to participate with the fans in that, I think it's so cool we get to have that level of communication with the people who watch the show," he EXCLUSIVELY told us.

bella and the bulldogs homecoming

However, the shipping between Charlie, Bella, and Zach wasn't the most surprising part of the experience. He's shocked that people are shipping him IRL with his co-star, Lilimar!

"I kind of expected there to be shipping between Charlie and Bella, and Bella and Zach, but there are people shipping me and Lilimar out of the blue. She's awesome though, so that's been so funny," Froy added.

froy gutierrez lilimar

So how does he feel about all the sudden attention? The Nickelodeon actor tells us that he loves interacting with fans — even when they're discussing who he should date.

"It's been so weird because I'm so not used to that at all. I'm just this kid from Dallas, but it's really cool," he said. "I really like getting to communicate with them, because sometimes they don't get to communicate with the other actors because they're so busy, but I have the time to actually talk with them, and I think that's a really great experience."

Um, definitely!

Who do you think Charlie should end up with on the show? Are you glad Froy doesn't mind the shipping? Let us know in the comments!

Reporting credit: Kristine Hope Kowalski

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