While YouTube is a place where a lot of users and fans find some peace and plenty of humor, it apparently can also be a place full of drama for some of its biggest stars. It looks like Gabrielle Hanna from The Gabbie Show got into a pretty bad altercation with another YouTube star that goes by the name RiceGum at a party, and things quickly got ugly following the incident, according to Teen.com.

RiceGum is known for posting videos on his account roasting other major stars and writing diss raps about them, and Gabbie has been one of them after he released a pretty humiliating video calling her out for a lot of the things she does online including her Vines, being accused of stealing other people's jokes and for clickbaiting.

When the two ran into each other at a party, she challenged him to do a rap battle in person but he was not trying to participate. She shared the moment on Snapchat and you can hear her say, “Okay, so Rice doesn’t have his ghostwriter today," and she said that is when his demeanor changed and he started to grab her arm in a forceful way to stop her from recording.

She said he did not "beat her up" but he did grab her aggressively. Once she got home, she did a Vlog in tears about the night and shared it with her fans with a description saying: "I snapchatted what was happening as I was crying alone on the balcony of a party because I was upset and confused and acted impulsively. part of me wishes I would have gone home and not said anything, but a part of me is glad this came to light the way it did. violence, man to woman, man to man, woman to woman, woman to man… is never okay. stay safe, my friends."

After seeing her Snapchat story, her YouTube friends took to Twitter to defend the web star. Tana Mongeau wrote a tweet saying: "gabbie has always been there for me, through everything.. truly everything. saved me. seeing anyone hurt her literally blows my […] mind."


Ricky Dillon also spoke his peace in a thread of messages saying: "if you publicly make a video making fun of someone then you should be able to handle jokes back IRL, don't turn to VIOLENCE. I'm disgusted."

Rice shared his side of the story in a long text post via Twitter:

He also shared a video from another person who was at the party called Romeo Lacoste who gave his take on the situation:

Wow! These scary situations always bring about such different feelings from everyone and it is sad to see that it got to this point in such a public way. We hope they are both safe and that things don't get worse for anyone involved.

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