Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have had their differences, but it looks like these two exes finally decided to put their messy pasts behind them and get a fresh start — and what better way to do that other than spending the entire weekend together!

On Friday, we heard all about how the pop power couple was spotted at a Starbucks in Texas, but the fun didn't end there! Evidently they were super touchy while enjoying their coffee, and the baristas even said they were hugging and kissing in front of everyone.

After stopping in a shop where Justin bought a couple bottles of cologne, the two weren't seen again until they visited a private dance studio. Although the door was covered with a plastic mat when they were actually dancing, the owner told TMZ they seemed "really close and into each other."

Justin and Selena weren't spotted again until Saturday when they decided to stop at Xtreme Lazer Tag to get in a game or two and were even caught smooching by a worker at the facility!

“They were kissing in the dark area,” Ruben Elias told HollywoodLife. “We have an area where the lights are off and it’s filled with fog. They basically hid out in there, stopped their game of laser tag, and were locked in a full-on makeout session."

Later Saturday night, Selena had her comeback performance at the Hidalgo State Farm Arena in Texas, and of course a very special someone made sure everyone knew he was in the crowd supporting her.

The couple was spotted one more time last night walking around Texas, and it seems like they don't even care if anyone sees them together anymore!


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