When Gigi Hadid was spotted hanging out all over town with Joe Jonas, people automatically assumed there was something going on between them. But Cody Simpson's ex-girlfriend confirmed with E! Online that they are just friends.

"All the brothers are amazing, but I'm closest with Joe. He is a really good friend of mine," she said.


Though they've seen the rumors, they're not too bothered by them.

"It's just really hilarious for us. We will read it and we will be like, 'Oh, we're dating. Oh cool.' We just laugh it off. It's funny for us."

The reason they were spotted so much together was because they were both in New York for Fashion Week.

"He is really into fashion, and he is always here for Fashion Week," she said. "It's really fun because we don't get to see each other that much, and when he comes to New York, we always try to hang out as much as we can," she spilled.

Well, that explains a lot! We have to admit, we're still hoping that Cody and Gigi will get back together, so we don't mind too much.

Are you sad that Gigi and Joe aren't dating? Do you think she'll get back together with Cody? Tell us int the comments!

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