Gigi Hadid just showed the world what big sisters are put on this earth for!

Gigi and her little sister Bella Hadid are in Paris for Fashion Week and they have been totally slaying the runway. However, not a day goes by without some drama. Both Bella and Gigi walked in the H&M show on Wednesday, which seems totally normal. However, someone else in Bella's life made an appearance as well — a certain someone she may not have liked to be in the same room with.

Bella's ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd, performed on stage at the same show while ALL of the models made one last trip down the catwalk. This isn't the first time Bella and The Weeknd have been on the same runway since their breakup, though. They were both featured in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show back in December.

This time around is a little bit different because The Weeknd isn't single anymore. He has a new girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and they have literally been flaunting their relationship all around the globe.

Not only that but Bella recently opened up about how hard the split was for her. Combining all of these factors together, we can't even imagine how tense it must have been between for the former couple.

They were both just trying to do their jobs, model and perform, but sometimes personal stuff really just gets in the way.

Cue, Gigi. She supported her sister during what may have been one of the toughest situations since Bella's split from The Weeknd. There's footage from the audience of the show that captures a real sister bonding moment. Just seconds before the duo and the rest of the models make their way down the stage for one final walk, Gigi looks at Bella and grabs her hand. #SISTERGOALS.


It was previously reported that Bella and The Weeknd might run into each other during Fashion Week because of where they were both staying in Paris. Apparently, their hotels were just a couple blocks away from each other. However, it seems like staying away from one another was totally unavoidable.

It's pretty amazing how even though Gigi and Bella may seem perfect, this moment of sister bonding shows that they are real people, real sisters and have real feelings. Props to Gigi for sticking by Bella's side during unwanted ex-boyfriend drama!

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