The Internet is usually where people turn to when they find themselves curious about what’s going on with a particular celeb. The answers to when their birthday is, how old they are, and who they are dating can be found within seconds.

Despite having the answers to pretty much everything (celebrity related and not) sometimes, the World Wide Web can be wrong from time to time.

How so? Well, let’s take social media star Jake Paul for example. Type his name into the Google search bar, and everything from his abrupt exit with Disney Channel and Bizaardvark, to the controversial rap he released days ago, to being accused of bullying former classmates comes up in the results.

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None of that is particular funny, but the editors here at J-14 recently found out that if you typed in "how old is Jake Paul" or “Jake Paul age” into the Google search bar, the result wasn’t just wrong but also beyond hilarious. Fans know that the YouTube star is 20 years old, given that he was born in 1997.

Though for a while, that wasn’t his age according to the internet. It was actually listed as 1 year old! Yes, Google was playing a seriously hilarious trick on whoever was curious about the star’s age.

jake paul age screencap

Given that he’s over 6 feet tall, Jake would probably be the tallest 1 year old on the planet if that were actually true. Not to mention, he would be one accomplished toddler given the social media following he has.

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Of course we all know that it’s impossible for him to be that young, but it was fun while it lasted. The error was fixed pretty quickly. Now if “Jake Paul age” is once again typed into the search bar, the correct answer pops up. Sadly, he’s no longer 1 year old, but the correct age of 20.

jake paul age google result screencapture

It was a seriously LOL-worthy moment, and it just goes to show that sometimes even the Internet can be wrong. Though we can’t help but wonder what Jake's reaction would have been if he were to have seen that a lot of people across the globe thought he was a 1 year old.

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