After making the announcement to social media last week, Grace VanderWaal released her new song "Moonlight" at VidCon, and it's everything you could want and more.

The track delivers all that we love about VanderWaal: her raspy vocals, a heavy beat, her signature ukulele, and an acoustic sound.

What is the song "Moonlight" about?

In promoting the single, VanderWaal described the inspiration behind the lyrics: "'Moonlight’ is about somebody you know very well changing unnaturally over time right in front of you and pushing you away, so you want to help bring them back to their original self.”

If you haven't heard the song yet, or if you just can't wait to play it again, you can listen below:

VanderWaal auditioned for America's Got Talent in 2016 with her original song, "I Don't Know My Name." Howie Mandel used his one-time "golden buzzer" on the act, skyrocketing the singer past the rest of the audition rounds and straight to the live shows.

Did Grace VanderWaal win AGT?

The 13-year-old singer-songwriter ultimately won Season 11. Judge Simon Cowell described her as "the next Taylor Swift" and signed her to Columbia Records and his personal label, Syco Music.

simon cowell grace vanderwaal

What is Grace VanderWaal doing now?

VanderWaal released her debut EP last December, titled Perfectly Imperfect. The 2016 release was Top 10 on Billboard magazine’s top 200 albums of the year and the best-selling EP of the year.

"Moonlight" is likely to be the lead single on VanderWaal's upcoming full-length album. The hit song was produced by Ido Zmishlany, who has also worked with Shawn Mendes and American Authors.

The track shows VanderWaal's increasing maturity and sophistication as both a wise teenage girl and a singer-songwriter.

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