What girl doesn't love shoes? J-14 reader Kristine loves the pair she just bought, but she's got to match them with something. Cue J-14's sylista, Greek's Amber Stevens! As usual, she's got some awesome tips for all of you! Check out her answer to Kristine's dilemma below, then check in next Friday for a brand new tip from the Greek gal!

Hi Amber –

I bought cute wedges but I don't know what to wear with them. Help!

  • Kristine

Hey Kristine!

Wedges are great cause they can really be worn with anything. If you have wide-legged pants that are a little on the long side, slip on your wedges. Or you could wear them with a sundress when it's warmer out. Jumpers are back in style now, and those look great with wedges.

What do you think of Amber's advice? What do you pair your wedges with? Are you into the jumper look? What are your fave shoes to wear this summer?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family

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