Who doesn't want to wear the hottest trends? Sometimes they're super cute but tough to wear if you're not a really specific body type. That's where J-14's helpful fashionista, Greek's Amber Stevens, comes in! She's got some great advice for curvier girls! Her tips for Becca Lynn are below, but then check in next Friday for more stylish ideas from Amber!

Don't forget, Season 3 of Greek premieres August 31 on ABC Family — wonder what cute clothes Amber's character Ashleigh will get to wear!

Hi Amber!

I'm kinda big on top and in the middle. What cute clothes would make me look a little smaller but fit my shape?

  • Becca Lynn

Becca Lynn –

Try triangle shaped tops! They will give the illusion of a smaller waistline. Wearing flared pants is always a good way to go. Also, empire waist dresses with leggings look great on any shape!

What do you think of Amber's advice? Do you have the same problem as Becca Lynn? What are your fave clothes to accentuate – not hide! – your shape?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC Family

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