School uniforms and dress codes are no fun when all you want to do is look unique! J-14 reader Ariana is totally dealing with that right now, and we bet a lot of you are figuring out how you can look stylish at school despite all those rules, too! Luckily Greek's Amber Stevens, J-14's fashion guru, is here to teach you some style tricksshe learned back in her H.S. days when dealing with the same probs! Check out her advice below, and don't forget to check back next week for her last piece of fashion advice (tear!).

Hi Amber!

I am going to high school, and we can't add colored shoelaces, headbands, or flats to our school uniforms. What should I do to look unique but not break the rules?

  • Ariana

Ariana, try some fun hairstyles and colorful make-up. Also, if jewelry is allowed, find a bold watch and some cute studded earrings. Stay subtle though — no need to go overboard to just stand out!

What do you do to dress up a school uniform but not break the rules? What are your fave ways to look unique at school but still work with your school's dress codes?

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