If you thought Gregg Sulkin was upset over the fact that Bella Thorne is hooking up with Scott Disick – think again.

The Wizards of Waverly Place alum was seen getting very cozy with Instagram model Sahara Ray. They were grabbing coffee together and literally could not stop smiling. While the pair didn’t kiss or anything, they weren’t shy about hiding their chemistry. There is definitely something more going on between them than just a friendly connection. And to be honest, we’re super happy for him. This is the first time fans have seen Gregg look this relaxed with another woman beside Bella in months.

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Sahara isn’t new to dating super famous guys, either which could be a good thing for their relationship. Where have we seen her before? Beliebers might know her because she was actually rumored to be dating Justin Bieber! Yup, she was part of the gaggle of girls that went with the “Sorry” singer to Hawaii last year.

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Those infamous photos of Justin coming out of a secluded waterfall wearing nothing but his birthday suit are forever imprinted in our minds. Sahara posted a photo of herself in what appeared to be the same waterfall without just bathing suit bottoms on. Not only that but they took helicopter rides together and really explored the islands. Back then, it was rumored that Sahara and Justin were an item but nothing serious ever came of it.

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Now, she’s all over Gregg and he does not hate it at all. She’s literally gorgeous and we can’t help but wonder what Bella makes of all this. She was actually the one to come out and say her and Gregg are not together but we would still give anything to be accidentally added to Bella and Dani Thorne’s text thread moments after she saw the photos.

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