Hailee Steinfeld is clearing up those Justin Bieber dating rumors once and for all. Hailee appeared at the SiriusXM Morning Mash Up with Elvis Duran and denied the reports that she and the "Sorry" singer were seeing each other.

The radio host asked her to "put the rumors to bed" about her dating Justin and she said, "No, I am not. I am not"

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The rumor came about after TMZ reported that the couple has been dating for over a month after they published a photo of the pair sitting and talking together after the Met Gala earlier this week. Hailee attended the fashion even and even if Justin did not, the two met up after to hang out. After those photos, the reports started circulating and a source was even quoted as saying that they were a couple.

"I know it's crazy," she said about the reports. "I don't know why people make such a big deal. We're friends, we've been friends for years and yeah."

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The rumors that the two pop stars were a thing was even more confusing since Hailee has been dating someone for over a year. Hailee made her public debut with her boyfriend Cameron Smoller earlier this year at the W Magazine Celebration of the Best Performances Portfolio, and he had recently posted a selfie of them on Instagram the same day as the gala confirming they were still a couple.

Imagine just how awkward that was for them to deal with? We are glad that Hailee cleared the air about the rumor and hoping that this did not cause any tension with her boyfriend.

Listen to the snippet of Hailee denying the relationship with Justin in the interview below.

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