Hailey Baldwin just told the world a huge secret about her life—she apparently has a secret child! Well, not really. The model shared a video of a young, blonde girl dancing her little heart out and it seems to be that Hailey deeply identified with the girl and her fun spirit, which made her say that this was her secret daughter.

Hailey retweeted a video from the account Dope Dances on Twitter of the tiny dancer showing off her best moves alongside her teacher and she is ~killing it~.

Hailey shared the video on her own account introducing her new daughter to her followers saying: "Surprise everyone, I have a secret child and this is her." LOL!

Though the girl does look a bit like her with her blonde hair, we doubt it is actually her kid. People on the internet often say that a kid they relate to is their child and since this girl, in particular, seems to be having such a blast with her little dance moves, who can blame Hailey?

We have seen photos of Hailey as a child before, and one in particular that her sister Jameson shared, showed her stealing some of her ice cream shows that the model was also a ton of fun as a child.

hailey baldwin baby

This tweet also comes at an ironic time since Hailey was facing some pregnancy rumors because she wore a flowy dress and people thought she was hiding her pregnant belly, which is of course, absurd.

She tweeted a message to dispell the rumors and say how exhausting they were saying, "People think I'm pregnant AGAIN?! Dang. Well, I'm not. Praise God ? let's try to come up with some new content peeps, it's gettin old!"

Just a few weeks ago the model posed for videos and photos on Snapchat wearing a huge diamond ring on her left hand. Hailey was not only rocking an engagement ring but in the video, she said she had "said yes."

hailey baldwin ring

Surely, Hailey knows that every little thing she does is dissected by fans and the media because of the guys she has dated so when she tweets silly things about possible babies and pregnancies, it surely is no accident.

If her every action is going to cause a reaction, she might as well have a little fun with it, right?

We hope Hailey continues having such a great sense of humor. We for sure can't wait until she shares a video dancing just like that little girl.

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