Let's get one thing straight, Hailey Baldwin is not pregnant and she's definitely not pregnant with Justin Bieber's child.

The model has a past with Justin but they certainly don't have a foreseeable future together. The pair has been friends for a long time and were actually caught spending the holidays on vacation with Justin's family last year. They posted a series of photos that couldn't help but turn heads – you know, hugging, hand holding and kissing. Yes, everyone remembers the kissing picture that went around the world and back again.

The romance fizzled out shortly after the getaway. But, now it seems like Hailey is being pulled back into headlines with JB once again. Yesterday, a Twitter user wrote, "mmmm hailey is getting headlines for being 'pregnant with jb's baby' i am crying at the stupidity and lack of research of these journalists."

WAIT. WHAT. Without even thinking twice, this seems a bit ridiculous.

Even though Hailey wasn't tagged, she saw the tweet and actually responded by saying, "It's crazy what a pair of initials can do."

Of course, everyone thought she was referring to the initials 'jb' standing for Justin Bieber. But, what is this all really about?

The whole thing led the editors here at J-14 to do some investigative work. Were people really talking about Hailey having Justin's baby months after the duo had called it quits? They haven't even been seen hanging out together as friends in what feels like forever. As we searched around, we found nothing at first glance. There was no headline or story or tweet – except that one – that put Hailey and Justin and a baby together in the past couple of months.

Alas, answers have come to fruition. The JB didn't really stand for Justin Bieber but actually a male model named Jordan Barret! Hailey and Jordan did a photo shoot and interview for GQ. Both were asked the question, "What are you guys up to in 2017?"

The way the interview was written, when Hailey answered, her response was marked by using her initials 'HB'. When Jordan answered, his response was marked by using the initials, 'JB'.

Hailey or 'HB' responded to the question jokingly, "We’re having a child together."

Jordan or 'JB' said, "[Laughs.] We’re having a baby boy."


The Twitter user wasn't really trying to start drama just stating the fact that it was ridiculous that the world was taking a joke in an interview to be so serious. Not only that but they were confusing the initials with Justin's which is why Hailey responded to the tweet in the way that she did.

However, Hailey's model friend isn't the only reason why Hailey's connected with Justin at the moment. The "Sorry" singer is in Australia right now. So, what's the big deal? He was actually caught hanging out with an Aussie model at the villa he's staying at. Her name is Emily Baldwin. It's important to remember that while they do have the same last name, they are in no way related to each other.

Emily posted this photo on her Instagram around the time she was seen being escorted into Justin's Australian villa.

After hearing that Justin was getting cozy with Emily Baldwin, it's possible that Hailey could be getting dragged into this as well just because these two beautiful gals have the same name. Obviously, there's no way Justin did this on purpose but it seems like he has a thing for Baldwins.

LOL…jokes aside. It is possible that Justin could be dating Emily. They have apparently been hanging out together a lot while he's down under. While their relationship status is still undisclosed, there are a couple things that are for sure. The first is that Hailey isn't pregnant with Justin or Jordan's baby. Second, Emily probably is not exclusively dating the pop star either. She's merely a model living the life of luxury with Justin by her side. To be honest, the gig doesn't seem half bad.

She just better watch out. He did comment on his ex Sofia Richie's Instagram the other day telling her she looks really pretty. It sounds like he can't make up his mind!

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