There's only three more weeks until the Chasing Life finale and fans are impatiently waiting to find out what happens with April's professional and personal life (we ship her and Leo, but who knows what will happen with Dominic!) . We spoke with Haley Ramm, who plays Brenna, about the final episode of the season and she is confident that fans will be happy with it – well, kind of.

"I think the topics that we’re dealing with are very true to life and sometimes life doesn’t go your way or the way that you hope that it would go," she tells us. "So I think that I would just compare it to life in general. There are parts people are going to be happy with and parts that are going to keep people watching next season; so many questions!

Wait, so fans are going to be both happy and sad about the finale? Sounds like a normal episode to us! We can't help but tear up when April talks about her fear of her cancer coming back and laugh every time their grandma says something!

According to Haley, the next few episodes leading up to the finale are her favorite.

"The finale is really great, actually the next three episodes [are great]," she tells us. "The last episodes I think are my favorite."

We can't wait to see it! Tune into the show every Monday night at 8pm ET on ABC Family.

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