Halsey sat down with Zach Sang for quite an in-depth interview and opened up about what it was like to make her song "Strangers" with Lauren Jauregui for her upcoming album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

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"So I wrote a song called 'Strangers,' I wrote a love song. It's kind of at a point in the album where narratively it is a meet scene. It's a Romeo and Juliet, kind of like it's called 'Strangers,' and if you have seen the film or if you are familiar with the play you know that they meet at this event and it's like a mascarade, they are ducking each other. They are strangers but it is love at first sight kind of thing," she said.

"It is the first song that I ever wrote where I openly used female pronouns and I have songs that are about women that I have been with but I was 19 and I tried to keep Badlands gender neutral."

"Something wasn't right. Something was not believable. I need it to be more real. Lauren is a friend of mine and she is openly bisexual and so am I. Our fans, really this past year, have just really expressed so much support and so much love and indication that they relate to us and that they are happy to us be outspoken about it."

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"I was thinking to myself, 'if I want this song to be believable it needs to be real. So I'm not going to put a girl on this song to sing who is straight. I'm just not going to do it. So I reached out to Lauren, she came in and cut the vocal and it sounds awesome. Our voices sound really cool together because we both have really raspy voices. Mine is a little more delicate than hers, hers is really powerful and big and raspy and mine is light and raspy."

"I just love that Lauren and I are two women who have a mainstream pop presence doing a love song for the LGBT community. It's rare to see it from a girl's perspective."

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Wow! It looks like the two stars have created something beautiful not only for themselves but for fans who can relate to their story.

Fans will be able to get their hands on the song when Hopeless Fountain Kingdom drops on 6/2/17.

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