Sweet niblets, we've got a wedding to talk about! Hannah Montana fans have known Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart on the hit Disney Channel show for years now. But, his personal life might not be something that's been as public. Jason recently married his longtime girlfriend, Katie Drysen, and the whole thing was absolutely magical. J-14 chatted with the couple about the wedding day, their love story, what they like to do together and whether or not Miley Cyrus was invited to the nuptials.

Katie and Jason didn't meet in a very typical way – to say the least. She was actually on vacation with her family and an old boyfriend at the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii when she thought she spotted Jason in a lounge chair. Turns out, he was filming a Disney commercial.

Katie said, "For some reason I decided to tweet about it. It was a completely random thing to do because I rarely ever use Twitter. I tweeted 'I think I just saw Jason Earles at the Aulani Resort. I hope he is having a good time.' I went to bed not expecting a response seeing as the tweet wasn't even really directed to him. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to a bunch of notifications. He had tweeted back, followed me on twitter, sent me a dm and added me as a friend on Facebook."

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It wasn't until three months later that she and her boyfriend broke up, she changed her Facebook status and Jason messaged her. They chatted and she agreed to meet up with him at La Brea Bakery. From there, they were inseparable. As for the day Jason proposed at Disneyland, he wasn't as nervous as you'd think. He said, "I wasn't too nervous. I was pretty sure she knew it was coming and was going to say yes. I just wanted her to have an amazing time and feel special when I did it."

But, he knew long before this day that Katie was his soulmate. He said, "The first time we were cuddled up on the couch together, years ago, I had a crazy thought run through my mind. I said to myself, 'uh oh…You are in trouble. I could marry this girl.' She just fit. I had been seriously thinking about it for about a year before I proposed. The ring was bought easily 3 or 4 months before the proposal." Aww!

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Of course, we couldn't help but ask about the big day. Jason said, "Other than marrying my beautiful bride, I loved seeing everybody there! So many friends from over the years brought together in one place! It was magic!" Friends like Emily Osment, Moises Arias, Olivia Holt and Phill Lewis all made an appearance – just to name a few. So, where was Miley?

Jason said, "Miley was totally invited! She has a crazy schedule and unfortunately, it just didn't work out for her to be there. But she was very happy for me and sent her love." Obviously, the Hannah Montana gang will always be family. He continued, "They will all always be family to me. I love them all dearly! I don't think we are all close in the sense of talking every day, but I know we all think about each other often and are overjoyed when our schedules line up and we actually get to see each other!"

Jason and Katie's love story is seriously adorable. Call it the honeymoon stage, but they really can't say anything but gush about each other. Katie couldn't even think of anything Jason does that bothers her. Literally, #GOALS. Oh yeah, and she said how great she thought he was while playing someone so young on Hannah Montana. Seriously, your wife loving you as a 16-year-old? Might sound funny but, again, #GOALS.

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Katie explained, "I have. I loved the Disney Channel growing up. Jackson wasn’t exactly my type dating wise but I think Jason played his character perfectly. He was so believable as a 16-year-old boy and the family chemistry between him, Miley, and Billy Ray was great. He did such a good job at playing the torturing big brother that a little girl actually came up to Jason saying that he needed to be nicer to his sister. It was adorable. I think the fact that people are still shocked that he was much older when he played Jackson shows just what a great actor he is."

Katie and Jason's relationship has officially become one of our faves and they are so open about their love. It's pretty amazing to see how their story unfolded, how they turned a Tweet into a marriage and we can't wait to watch the rest of their life together.

But, we still needed to know, what is something every fan would want to hear about their relationship that we all maybe can't see from the public eye? Jason said, "Probably, just how much TV we watch. It's….a lot. LOL. Actually, our social media does a pretty good job showing what our life together is like. We love food and travel. We love Disneyland and Marvel. We are obsessed with POP Figures (can't wait for the Hannah Montana and Kickin It editions). We try to have fun and play with our friends. All in all, it's an incredible, loving, goofy love affair that is fun to share in little doses with people on Instagram."


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