Harry Styles is being accused of plagiarizing his new song "Ever Since New York."

The One Direction singer premiered the song during his debut performance as a solo star on Saturday Night Live, and though fans were excited to see him on stage again, others called him out for the strong similarities between his new song from his upcoming album Harry Styles and the 1970s band Badfinger's song titled "Baby Blue."

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People were wondering what the lyrics were about, or if it was a song dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, who has a song titled "Welcome to New York"— but older music fans could not miss how alike the guitar riffs in both songs were to each other and accused the British guy of blatantly copying the '70s band.

People took to Twitter after his performance aired saying things like, "Does Harry styles ever since New York sound like Bad fingers -Baby Blue or am I going crazy #help #harrystyles #snl"

Another fan said: "That riff in your song is 100% from Bad Finger's "Baby Blue". Is this something you don't already know?"

"So Harry Styles blatantly ripped Bad Finger's "Baby Blue". He doesn't have people that can catch that?" another guy said. Yikes.

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While it is common for artists to sample older music to create brand new tracks, there is no way of telling whether or not the band will be credited for it, at least until the album comes out in May or if the band decides to comment on it or take legal action against the singer. Artists like Kanye West and Justin Bieber have sampled other artists' music to make the hits everyone knows and loves, so it is pretty much common practice, but the samples have to be cleared by the owners of the song.

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Check out Harry's performance and compare it to the original song "Baby Blue" below and see if there are in fact similarities between the two.

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