Harry Styles is nothing but charming and we can guarantee there are plenty of people out there who would totally melt into a puddle for a chance to spend the day with Hazza. But he found himself face-to-face with two women who simply could care less that he is well, Harry Styles and it's honestly the cutest thing you will see all day.

So here's what went down: Harry's good friend BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw decided to take the "Sign of the Times" singer to a place where no one will care who he is and Harry can just hang out and be himself. They end up in a retirement home with the sweetest people who are you know, an older crowd than Harry's typical demographic. Literally, they all have zero clue who Harry and Nick are when the guys walk in! They're just trying to get their Bingo-playing on and the guys end up playing Bingo with the crowd. Harry takes on the role of calling out the numbers, giving his usual flair. All is going well, everyone is having a great time, but then it's Olive and Mary, two adorable women who literally crush the singer's heart. Each lovely lady ends up winning a round of the game and they get to choose a prize: chocolates, shower gel, and Harry's album are some of the options. Olive wins first and Harry suggests she take the album.

harry styles bingo olive 1

But she ends up going with the chocolates since they're her fave.

harry styles bingo olive 2

OK, one defeated moment. Then it's precious Mary who wins and Harry was even checking in with her throughout the game to see how she was doing and if she's on track to win a round. A prince he is. But then Mary goes ahead and betrays him and chooses shower gel over Harry's album.

harry styles bingo mary 1

Poor Harry, he was in total disbelief!

harry styles bingo mary 2

So obviously, Harry was just having fun but how amazing is it that these two women just broke his heart, one right after the other like that? Can you even imagine? Total queens. Granted, they probably didn't know it was his album CD but maybe they did and hey, they're going to choose the prize they want the most. Sorry, H. One of the guys who was playing too, Jack, does end up taking the album, which Nick jokes are going to be used as a coaster. Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes out of your day to watch this whole thing go down:

Seriously, the sweetest, most pure video ever that is a true gift to us all. And can we talk about our friend at the end who says having Harry and Nick come hang out made a big difference to him that day?! CRYING FOREVER.

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