It looks like our favorite heartthrob is single again!

Harry Styles reportedly started dating food blogger Tess Ward back in May. No one was quite sure when it started but they were spotted together in Harry's car and she was wearing his Gucci flower printed shirt just days after he had been spotted in it. The whole was kept super hush hush because it's Harry and he's one of the biggest stars in the world right now. When the news first broke, everyone, wanted every detail, naturally.

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Not only that but Tess also started to get hate messages on her social media about the relationship. It got so bad that she actually had to speak out about it. She has since made her Instagram private to the public. Now, as quick as the fire ignited, their puppy love romance has seemingly burnt out.

It's being reported that Harry is gearing up to start to promo for his first acting gig in the movie Dunkirk and he begins his debut solo tour in the coming months. With all of that, we can see why things went south. But, according to sources, Tess is super upset.

An insider told Now magazine, "Tess is mortified. She loves Harry, finds him wildly attractive and loves all the attention their relationship has brought her. Her brand is all about visibility and suddenly her followers have rocketed in a way she could never have foreseen."

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While it's definitely possible that Tess and Harry have parted ways – they haven't been seen together in weeks – we find some of this insider's information a little bit hard to believe. If she really loved Harry, why would her brand have to be brought into it? That part seems a bit off. However, if that really is the case, maybe Harry realized what she was in it for and THAT'S the reason the relationship ended.

Either way, Harry is most likely back on the market and single again. We have a feeling a serious relationship isn't in his near future with everything he has going on. That doesn't mean he's done with the ladies. Just think about it, YOU could be the next fan girl he meets, falls in love with while on the road and writes a song about years later.

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