Harry Styles the Cupcake is back. Yes, the singer legit just took the fandom back in time and everyone is naturally losing their minds over it. Lets break it down:

Harry is set to make his debut solo performances on Saturday Night Live this weekend (Saturday April 15 to be exact), belting out "Sign of the Times" and another track from his upcoming album appropriately titled Harry Styles. The official SNL Instagram account shared a pic of Harry on set, in-between rehearsing his songs, and he broke out his classic cupcake pose.

Is that not the cutest thing you've seen all day?! Of course fans took to Twitter to rejoice in this magical moment.

Seriously, brought on a major case of the feels.

Totally unexpected, yet means so much to so many.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar, the Harry as a cupcake pose has been a thing since the early One Direction days. Remember this moment?

harry styles cupcake pose 1

And when he whipped out the pose again when he was being carried?

harry styles cupcake pose 2

Let us not forget the time a lucky fan ran into Hazza and he once again decided to go with his signature pose yet again.

harry styles cupcake pose 3

The Cupcake Harry pose is something cherished in the 1D fandom, so the fact that he hasn't forgotten about in the slightest, but has actually has embraced it throughout different phases of his career prove One Direction will truly always be in his heart. Leave us here to sob now.

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