This post contains spoilers for the movie, Dunkirk featuring Harry Styles.

Okay, let's get one thing straight. I like Harry Styles alive and well. I'm first and foremost a Directioner at heart. Not to mention, I'm a huge Hazza fan when it comes to his solo music. "Sign of the Times" is a jam and no one can deny that. But, despite my love for the British crooner who once made a living working at a local bakery, I was patiently awaiting his death while watching Dunkirk.

Also, no, I'm not a total psycho.

So, here's the thing. This was Harry's first acting gig. One of the biggest stars in the music world was going to be on the big screen and there was just no possible way that he could be THAT good vocally and be able to successfully memorize a script in front of a camera. Oh, and did I mention how hot he is? To reiterate, there was no possible way he could be this good looking, this good at singing and THIS good at acting so much so that his character was going to survive the entire movie. The entire 120 minutes, to be exact. No freaking chance. This wasn't like a 2-hour romantic comedy where if someone died it would have been completely tragic and totally off brand. This was in the midst of World War II on the beaches of Dunkirk, YOU GUYS. Thousands of soldiers were trying to be evacuated to safety before they were killed by air fire or ground fire.

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Harry was literally drowning, or seemingly drowning, in one of the trailers. HOW could I not expect that he would die at some point during the film. Well, jokes on me because Harry survived. The boy band hottie turned movie actor lasted the entire 120 minutes. It's hard to know whether the director of the movie, Christopher Nolan, knew he shouldn't mess with the One Direction fandom or this really was Harry's character's fate all along. I mean, can you imagine Harry freaking Styles crooking on an IMAX screen? Hysteria.

harry 3

To be honest, if he could survive the wrath of Taylor Swift's 1989 album – all of the songs and lyrics that were so methodically about him but not about him at the same time – and even if he could survive Larry coming back to haunt him, he could survive anything.

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But, there I was snuggled up on a Sunday wasting away just waiting for Harry to die. I for sure thought it would be any minute every time the scene changed. Every time I saw Harry's precious face, I was like 'Ugh, say good bye now because this is going to be the end for him.' I couldn't even get up to use the bathroom because I didn't want to miss this. I didn't want to miss one second of his character, whose name, by the way, is Alex, I didn't want to miss Alex/Harry passing into another realm of existence. So I sat there. Line after line, Harry survived. Guys, he literally survived MULTIPLE boat sinkings and German attacks to make it safely back to London to read all about the Battle of Dunkirk in the local newspaper. My mouth was literally catching flies as it hung open during the last several minutes.

harry 1

It was all of this. It was the fact that Harry had never acted, that he wasn't playing the main role, that the movie was set in a battle where thousands of people did actually die, when we saw Harry drowning, when he wasn't in the footage for a majority of the trailers and the fact that he never said specifically if he made it through the whole movie when he was asked. Harry, as we know, is always so mysterious. But this, this was a mystery unlike any other. So, I, like a lot of fans, was convinced he would die. Not only that but I also thought that he wouldn't make it very far because his presence may have taken away from the storyline.

I mean, how many movies out there attracted two generations of people? Older men and young girls. It's so odd but it's all too real and this is exactly what the movie is doing. I for sure thought that Harry would make his cameo, have his 15 minutes of acting fame and then move on. I wasn't quite sure that he belonged on a movie set. I wasn't sure that this was something he was going to be taken seriously for. But, he is and I am now so happy he didn't die.

harry 2

Harry made it. He survived with dignity and courage. Not only did he make it but he had a lot of lines, like more lines that several other characters. Total shooketh on that, too. He had way more lines than I ever expected. He may not make any appearances for at least 30 minutes into the movie but One Direction fans, you'll be very pleased with your boy's skills.

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