Harry Styles totally stole our hearts when he gave a fan a meaningful gift and now he's making us melt even more!

According to an Evening Telegraph story, the sweet One Direction singer has donated two giant teddy bears of his own collection to charity! Aww!

For the past two years, the eight-foot teddy bears lived in Harry's home in London, but since the "Drag Me Down" singer is moving to another home he decided to donate the teddy bears to the Bald is Beautiful charity.

He added: “Harry wanted the teddy bears to go to a good cause and when I told him about Bald is Beautiful he was totally supportive.

“The teddy bears were originally in Harrods in London. They are made by famous teddy design company Steiff and are very valuable," said Charlie Kean to the Evening Telegraph, the leader of the campaign.

We think it's so cool that Harry is giving his items for a good cause! The singer has definitely proven that he has a good heart and is definitely showcasing his kindness!

What do you think of Harry's donation? Let us know in the comments!

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