If you even think about hyping up Harry Styles more than you already are before the release of Dunkirk, Fionn Whitehead wants you to cool it.

Fionn is another actor in the movie and even though he thinks the One Direction crooner is a great actor, he doesn't believe all of this excitement is necessary. While it is Harry's debut performance on the big screen, Fionn says no one asked for this. Even though he's totally not blaming Harry for all of the craziness, he definitely seems a bit annoyed by the whole thing. Fionn even brings up the fact that because Harry is in this movie, his presence is taking away from the actual message of the movie. Ouch…

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Fionn chatted with Digital Spy and said, "He's great, he's a good actor and a lovely guy…I think the hysteria – [perhaps] it should have been expected when you take a figure like that and give him a short back and sides and put him in a uniform.

I think it's got a bit silly really. The meaning has got lost somewhere along the way and people have stopped realizing there's an amazing cast – including Harry – but there's, you know, the creme de la creme of actors."

Fionn has been promoting the movie a lot on his Twitter page and looks incredibly cute in this up close shot on the beach.

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Fionn continued, "I think the focus should not be Harry Styles doing a movie, it should be on the piece in general or his ability to act. And he's great…People are putting too much emphasis on Harry being in it, but that is in no means a reflection on him…He hasn't asked for any of this. In terms of the media, they have put too much emphasis on this one guy instead of the piece as a whole and the ensemble as a whole."

Okay, so he does have a point. Just because Harry was in the biggest boy band in the world doesn't mean that's why a movie is going to be any good. And it shouldn't take away from everything that has gone into making this movie either. At this point, there's no telling how much of the movie Harry is even in.

There was one trailer clip of him legit drowning so, if he actually gets killed off in the first few seconds – joke is on us. Fionn, we'll be watching out for you on July 21st when the movie hits theaters, don't you worry. He is a smoke show himself.

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