Harry Styles has gone from cute kid to certified hottie over his years in the spotlight. From rocking a curly mop in the early days of One Direction, to his current penchant for quirky suits, we take a look at the singer’s evolution in ~hotness~ over the years. Prepare to drool!

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ZOMG! Harry was the ultimate cutie as a kid — just LOOK at that face!


Erm, we're not sure how we feel about Harry's experimental phase with a GHD flat iron…


Ahh, memories. This is the Haz that we fell in love with when he sprung onto the scene with One Direction in 2010.


Move on to 2012, and he's still rocking the OG Harry hairstyle that he was famous for.


Two years on, it's 2012 and Harry's mixing things up with ~accessories~, and tbh, we were totally digging the beanie look on him.


Woah! In 2013 Mr. Styles discovered hair product, and we're LOVING this whole high-haired 'do we had going on.


Note that here's where he starts to get his own sense of ~style~.

One year later, Haz started to let his lush locks go a bit untamed, he added more tattoos to his collection, and he began to adopt a more quirky sense of fashion.


Who's that hottie?!

Looking like the ultimate ~brooding musician~ in 2014, this all-black ensemble paired with his long locks is defs still one of our faves.


He was definitely the fashion-conscious ones of 1D, and we love that he began to rock more wacky styles of clothes like this striped suit.


Donning jewelry and a half-unbuttoned shirt, Hazza looked every inch the rock god in 2015.


That hair tho <3 And can someone find us that same jacket?!


Here's where we were introduced to Harry's man bun.


Some loved it, some hated it, but we personally reckon he could rock a potato sack and still look hot AF.

With his hair longer than ever in 2016, he could rock plain jeans and a tee and STILL look ahh-mazing.


This was a HUGE turning point in Hazza's evolution – the cutting of those dreamy locks for his role in Dunkirk.


It took awhile to get used to, but we reckon he looks totally baben'.

Rocking his short 'do and a pink suit like it's nobody's business earlier this year, Harry Styles is probs the only one who could pull off this look and still look fab.


Harry's style (lol) seems to be getting more quirky and eclectic with age, and as McDonald's would say, we're lovin' it.


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