Harry Styles tried to stage dive during a private listening party in New York City and let’s just say, it didn’t go over too well.

Hazza, who is currently doing promo for debut solo album Harry Styles dropping TOMORROW, played the Rough Trade located in Brooklyn. Fans and the media were in attendance and actually witnessed the One Direction heartthrob totally fail when trying to stage dive. It’s a bit sad but kind of iconic at the same time.

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Think about it. If Harry actually succeeded at this said fall then it would have been old news real quick. But, no, this was the day that Harry, the man that can do no wrong, actually failed at something. This was the day that Harry Styles fell. This was the day that Harry Styles’ fans DIDN’T catch him.

Ever since the British cutie released a few of his new songs, fans have noticed that his sound has definitely changed. It has actually changed drastically when compared to what One Direction used to sing. It’s more rock. So, is Harry trying to be a rock star hence the sudden urge to stage dive? Maybe.

To be honest, we wouldn’t totally hate Harry Styles the rock star. Between his fashion sense and music, he could totally pull it off. But, the fans that showed up to his ultra-exclusive listening party were not ready for this kind of Harry Styles just yet.

The Huffington Post said, “After the dive, it took Styles several minutes to emerge from the circle of fans that surrounded him to climb back over the barrier and onstage.”

Teen Vogue described the situation as, “The crowd was either not ready for his stage dive or simply couldn’t hold him up, and he quickly hit the floor. After a few seconds of chaos, all involving parties got up and it thankfully appears that nobody was seriously injured. He got up on the stage and deeply apologized with a smile about the failed attempt. Additionally, he said something along the lines that he has wanted to stage dive for a while now and that the moment felt right.”

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And *Mashable just admitted that the whole thing was total chaos. “Styles didn’t get far before he took a couple audience members tumbling to the ground with him. In the dimly lit chaos, I felt a brush of expensive silk draping microphone wires, and realized that the Most Likely to Succeed from the modern boy band era was pressed up against me while apologizing profusely to fans who he had inadvertently crushed.”

Thankfully no one was actually hurt and no one seemed to mind that much. I mean, can you imagine having your ultimate boy band crush falling on top of you.

Yeah the ground may have been hard and you may have some bruises but those fans were officially touched, or erm, crushed by an angel!

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