When it comes to family, Harry Styles has so much love! The former One Direction member kicked off his singing career in 2010 with the support of his mom and sister, who have since become famous in their own right.

The “Sign of the Times” singer’s biggest fans know Anne Twist because she’s Harry’s mom, but his older sister, Gemma Styles, was often spotted on tour with the 1D boys. Not to mention, she even made a surprise appearance in the December 2020 issue of Vogue, in which Harry graced the cover. “My sister from the same womb,” he called her in the magazine article.

Gemma, for her part, recalled growing up with Harry and how he was always a singer who loved fashion.

“My mum loved to dress us up,” the eyewear designer said at the time. “I always hated it, and Harry was always quite into it. She did some really elaborate papier-mâché outfits: she made a giant mug and then painted an atlas on it, and that was Harry being ‘The World Cup.’ Harry also had a little dalmatian dog outfit, a hand-me-down from our closest family friends. He would just spend an inordinate amount of time wearing that outfit. But then, Mum dressed me up as Cruella de Vil. She was always looking for any opportunity!”

When it came to music, Gemma recalled Harry as someone who “would sing in the bathroom” because he didn’t want anyone looking at him when he performed.

“I love his voice now,” she gushed. “I’m so glad that he makes music that I actually enjoy listening to.”


While Harry has kept his relationship with his dad — Desmond Styles — out of the public eye, he spoke about the moment his parents got divorced in an interview with Rolling Stone from April 2017.

“Honestly, when you’re that young, you can kind of block it out. … I can’t say that I remember the exact thing,” the singer shared. “I didn’t realize that was the case until just now. Yeah, I mean, I was 7. It’s one of those things. Feeling supported and loved by my parents never changed.”

But that being said, he’s always wanted to “protect” his mom.

“My mom is very strong. She has the greatest heart,” Harry explained at the time. “[Her house in Cheshire] is where I want to go when I want to spend some time.”

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