Could Harry Styles have finally found his sweet creature? Probably not. The Dunkirk actor is set to start touring his self-titled solo album, Harry Styles on September 19th, which means he’s going to be traveling a lot. Rumors that Harry has reconnected with his ex Paige Reifler just simply don’t make sense. Well, okay, he could have reconnected with her. But, rekindling the romance isn’t something completely different.

Obviously, a relationship takes time and that’s something Harry definitely won’t have much of in the near future. Paige and her model boyfriend recently broke up at the beginning of the summer, which is why some people believe she’s trying to get back into the former One Direction heartthrob’s life. It was actually Paige who spilled the beans on their relationship back in 2013.

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She spoke to the Daily Mirror and said, “I went to the Warner party at Shoreditch House with a friend and saw him there. The next morning I woke up and I was in all of the newspapers and magazines. I wasn’t expecting that, it’s not like that in New York.” It was after that when Paige seemingly confirmed that the pair were dating when she said, “Yes, I am seeing him.”

When Paige and Harry were actually an item, they did real people things. This photo was snapped of the pair grabbing food with a friend in the Big Apple back in 2014 when they were rumored to be getting back together.

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We must remember this whole thing started over five years ago and both of them have grown up. Even though Harry is notorious for rekindling with ex-flings – yes, Kendall Jenner, I’m looking at you – it’s hard for us to believe that Paige is fully back in the picture. While both of them are very genetically blessed and would definitely be a slam dunk for the hottest couple in Hollywood right now, we need more evidence that this is actually a thing.

They haven’t even been spotted together lately. Paige was seen giggling with a pal in New York City, and Harry was no where in sight. Not to mention, the “Sign of the Times” singer was reportedly dating Victoria’s Secret model Camille Rowe at the beginning of August. Of course, Harry is known to be a ladies man, but there’s just no way he’s jumping around from woman to woman this quickly with such a hectic schedule.

So, take a sigh of relief ladies, Harry is most likely, probably, still single.

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