When Harry Styles chopped off his famous locks, tears legitimately streamed down the faces of Directioners everywhere. But, oddly, he was okay with it.

The British crooner has been doing press for his first ever acting role and upcoming war movie, Dunkirk. He plays a soldier named Alex who seemingly drowns in a scene during the trailer. There's no telling how long Harry survives in the film or what kind of lines he actually has, but everyone is excited to see him. Because of the film, he was forced to cut off that precious long hair fans had grown to love over the years while he was in One Direction.

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He has previously said that cutting it off felt like he was starting new, starting over and starting fresh. It could have been a symbolic moment moving from band member to solo artist. But, it also had a lot to do with his movie role which we cannot forget.

Now, he's talking about what that experience was like IRL and how he really felt after there was nothing to tuck behind his ears anymore!

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Harry said he didn't think too much about the cut because he knew it was coming. Okay, that makes one of us. "Yeah, I didn’t think too much about it. I mean, I assumed when auditioning for a thing based in World War II, I’d probably have to have a trim. But, yeah I think I was very excited to be kind of getting to set and being involved and working on it. Yeah, it kind of went without saying, I didn’t think too much about it. It was a little breezy behind the ears which was nice."

LOL…Harry's got jokes. Seriously though, he's going to be freaking awesome and all of this talk about his acting career has everyone wondering if he'll continue with it. Of course, he just came out with his solo album and plans on touring so we're not totally sure when Hazza would fit in another movie. But, it seems like he's totally down for it if the opportunity arises considering what a great experience he had with Dunkirk.

He said, "I really loved it. I really loved working on this film and working with obviously everyone who was involved and Chris [Nolan] and the actors and the crew and everything. And yeah I really enjoyed the experience it was good fun."

Who knows maybe Harry's next role will take place in the 60's and he can grow his hair back out – now that would be a WIN.

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