For years One Direction fans have wondered if their theory, known as 'Larry', is real. The theory being that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are secretly dating but the relationship is covered up by their management teams.

Ever since this became something people actually believed, all of the guys have denied it whether it be in interviews or on social media – until now!

A twitter user had been trying to get a direct message response from Harry for what seemed like forever and finally he answered! AND this is not fake or Photoshopped. The user posted a screenshot of their conversation as well as a video so fans can see that Harry really has confirmed that 'Larry' is real!

She tweeted:

OMG! This is amazing. So not only did Harry say he loves her back but he also sent an emoji which she asked him to do if Larry really was real! We still find it hard to believe that Harry and Louis are secretly dating though.

Yes, Hazza did send the emoji but celebs like to have some fun too. We have a feeling he was just trying to see what would happen, how fast word would travel, if he "confirmed"!

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