Without a doubt, Harry Styles is taking the world and fans by storm, even if the rest of One Direction isn't by his side.

The heartthrob is getting ready to head out on a sold-out tour, has released a debut album, and now he’s added actor to his incredibly long list of accomplishments.

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For fans who were hoping that the singer was getting ready to make a long-lasting mark on Hollywood, it looks like the whole acting thing may have been a one time thing for Hazza. Why? Well, because at the premiere of his flick Dunkirk, the singer sort of revealed to reporters that he was ready to say goodbye to the big-screen all together!

How could this be!?

Well, the “Sign of the Times” singer told UK’s Sky News, “I feel very lucky to be a part of ‘Dunkirk’ … I’d do this one again but it may be one and done … I’d do this one again.”

“I really enjoyed this. I've peaked too soon! There's nowhere to go,” he continued to say.

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We have to disagree with Harry on that one. For one, he's definitely not peaked. Fans across the world are in no way tired of staring at his face for hours on end. Secondly, there's so many more things he could explore acting wise. Harry could give fans some major feels and dive into a romantic comedy next, or explore his silly side even more by leaping into a comedy. If anything, this first flick could be the start of a lengthy film career for him.

Of course, Hazza could have been joking with reporters about giving up acting all together – which is what fans are probably hoping for.

Though for now we have to assume he’s putting those acting chops on the back-burner, while he gets ready to show the world what he can do on his own.

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