Harry Styles has a brand new tattoo—and it was inspired by someone super special in his life.

While he is doing rounds of publicity in preparation for the release of his self-titled debut album that is dropping next month, the singer stopped by for a visit at the Graham Norton Show and revealed a ton of new things about his career and even some special details about his personal life. Though the show is not available in the United States yet, fan accounts from around the world are keeping fans informed about what was said during the interview.

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According to the fan account @HSupdating, the singer revealed that his new tattoo that says "Jackson" on his arm was inspired by his godson Jackson Aurand.

Jackson's father is Cal Aurand who was a photographer for One Direction. Check out Harry's ink below.

harry styles

Cal shares tons of photos of his son on Instagram but this is him with his mother.

How sweet is that? Harry had other special people with him supporting him during the show as his mom and step dad are said to have been in the audience during his interview and performance.

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The singer is said to have discussed how proud he is of his album and even mentioned his plans of going on tour, even if his self-titled album only has 10 songs.

It is so sweet that H tattooed his godson's name on his arm. Though he is known to be covered in tattoos, this one must be super meaningful to him.

Check out a video a fan shared on Twitter of Harry doing the intro for the Graham Norton Show below.

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