Harry Styles is on his way to rock and roll bliss as he recently announced that he will be going on tour and singing songs from his solo debut album, Harry Styles. He has completely changed his sound and his style since taking a break from One Direction which is why we weren't totally shocked when he announced the band who will be opening for him on tour.

Who are they? The group is called MUNA and consists of three women who all met in college. With just under 18,000 followers on Instagram – compared to Harry's 21 million – they're definitely about to step into a whole new world. Remember when 1D had a little band you might know 5 Seconds of Summer opened for them and then you know, the world fell in love with them? By Harry MUNA along on tour, there's a good chance everyone is going to be obsessed with this band now.

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MUNA is so on brand with exactly what Harry is trying to do. These women are outspoken when it comes to political views, they are huge supporters of the LGBTQ community and base their sound off of an electronic pop genre.

It's no secret that touring with Harry will give them lots of exposure. They are scheduled to open for the "Sign of the Times" singer on all of his dates in North America and Europe. MUNA has scored it big and it's time that we all start paying attention to them because Harry clearly thinks they are something special.

We've compiled some facts about the group that every Harry fangirl needs to know before buying tickets to his tour!

Who are the group members of MUNA?

Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson.

When did the group form?

In 2013 at the University of Southern California after meeting at a party and realizing the musical chemistry they had with each other.

What is MUNA's message?

All three women in the group identify as queer which has really gained them a huge following in the LGBTQ community. They do not use gender-based pronouns in their lyrics and their songs usually address issues surrounding sexuality and gender.

Do they have an album out?

Yes! The album is called About U and it was released on February 3, 2017. Before that, they had produced their debut EP called More Perfect in 2014 and then signed with RCA Records in the United States and Colombia Records in the UK. It was after that when MUNA released another EP in May 2016 called Loudspeaker.

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Where Has MUNA Performed in the Past?

Some of the big highlights of their career have been performing at Lollapalooza in 2016, touring with Grouplove in the fall of 2016 and making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in November of 2016 and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

2017 is about to be their biggest year yet touring with Harry!

Do they have social media?

Yes! Fans can find MUNA on Instagram under the handle whereismuna and @whereisMUNA on Twitter.

Where can I listen to MUNA's music?

Everywhere one can normally find music today – iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify.

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