It seems like Harry Styles is working on something new and the fandom is about to explode when they find out what it is. The One Direction crooner has been trying his hand at a few different things ever since the band went on hiatus. He jumped into the acting world and soon Directioners will be able to see him on the big screen in the war movie, Dunkirk.

Not only that but Hazza has also been modeling, hanging with family and friends, rekindling his love affair with Kendall Jenner by attending her birthday bash and he's been spotted in the studio. While fans are patiently awaiting his solo music, it looks like there is something else on Harry's agenda that everyone should be getting excited about.

So, what it is? Well, that's the problem. No one really knows what's going on but Lou Teasdale posted a clip on Instagram of Harry on set. The set is still unclear. She captioned the shot, "Werk ?."

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Werk 🎥

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Clearly, he's doing something in front of the camera. Harry can be seen getting his make up touched up under what seems to be lots of lights. Could this be another modeling gig? Could it potentially be a photo shoot for the singer's new music? Could it be album cover art? Harry is dressed in all black and his hair looks on freaking point so we have a feeling that any of these options could be totally possible.

Some Twitters have also made a very good observation that could be feasible. Harry doesn't have any tattoos in this particular clip. That matters because he does have tattoos on his arms today meaning that this video could actually be super old, like years old. There's no telling why Lou would post such an old video and a caption that doesn't acknowledge that at all. Whatever year this was taken, one thing is clear. Harry is always working and just because this might be old, doesn't mean he still doesn't have something special for his fans in store.

The U.K. cutie was spotted leaving a London recording studio over the weekend as well which leads us to believe that this set work he's doing in Lou's Instagram has something to do with his music. Fans have not seen Harry on the cover of an album by himself. It surely will leave jaws dropped – if that is really what this secret project is all about.

There's no telling when his music will be released, but Ed Sheeran recently spilled some details about it. He admitted that he has heard Harry's solo work and it's great. Well, would anyone expect anything less??

Fans should be on the look out in the coming days. Harry is known to tease a few things himself. It's only a matter of time until another clue pops up on his social media!


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