Harry Styles is done being mysterious.

The former One Direction heartthrob is in the midst of starting a brand new chapter in his life – a solo chapter that is. A chapter that he must write himself without Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne by his side. And to be honest, he seems to be transitioning flawlessly.

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Harry released his self-titled debut solo album last week and it's been on repeat in fangirls' headphones around the world ever since then. Even though Harry may not need the promo, he's doing it. He's performing, he's talking to fans and he's doing interviews. Hazza is finally opening up about all different things that he kept quiet about while he was in One Direction.

In a new interview with Dan Wooten, Harry touches on all different aspects of his life. Between his sexuality that he's never defined before, the future of One Direction, his relationship with Simon Cowell and his new music; fans are really getting to know a side of Harry that they never have before.

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It's refreshing and it's making Harry Styles the celebrity that much more relatable. Fans are starting to get a feel for who this guy, Harry Styles the person, really is. Strip away the lights, the cameras, the thousands of fans, the hype and the world has got Harry – a guy full of talent, wisdom and real feelings.

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Click through the gallery and check out the 13 things Harry said about what's happening in his life now and the past!

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