Don't get us wrong. Shawn Mendes is really good looking. I mean, he's definitely hotter than the average guy in your history class than constantly asks you for the answers to last night's homework. But, when he's up against Harry Styles, that's a different story. Harry's got that old-school yet modern look. Even Christopher Nolan, the director of Dunkirk, said that part of reason Hazza landed his acting role in the movie is that his face looks like it could have been around in the days of World War II. So, basically, he's timeless. But not everyone agrees with us on this issue.

Let's break it down. 2018 is right around the corner, which means lists are being compiled about 2017. We are all looking back on the year and rounding up the best celebrity romances, breakups, scandals, songs, movies, television series, Netflix series, and the hottest photos of shirtless guys. Okay, maybe the last one is just us, but you get the idea. However, TC Candler's Annual Independent Critics List of the most handsome faces of the year just came out and we're freaking out about it.

There are 100 of the most famous and beautiful guys on the planet that made the list. Joe Jonas? He just slid through the cracks at #100. Shawn came in at #48, while Charlie Puth was #24. Harry at least beat his frenemy Zayn Malik, who came in at #67 compared to the "Sign of the Times" singer's ranking at #54. We know what you're thinking. Who the eff comes up with these definitive spots of having a more beautiful face than someone else? We're totally not sure. Someone who knows good looks, apparently. Of course, it's all relative, so we have a feeling none of these guys are too beat up about it.

After all of this, we needed to know who came in at the top spot. BTS fans can rejoice because it was actually one of your idols that has the most handsome face in the world of 2017. It was V! He not only beat out all of the guys mentioned above but also Ansel Elgort, PewDiePie, Ryan Gosling, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Rock, Tom Hiddleston, Jimin, Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, David Beckham, and Jungkook. Don't believe us? You'll want to take a look for yourself. The only question I have after watching is: where is Justin Bieber at THOUGH?!

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