Harry Styles just completely shocked the whole world with a single tweet.

The singer has been giving his fans tons of surprises lately with his new music but his latest tweet woke up a fandom that was obsessed with his friendship with his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

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A fan account under the username "@signofhs" was the one who originally posted the message of a side by side then-and-now comparison of Louis drinking Starbucks. The post was then quote tweeted on Harry's account last night with the link "G://www.smartur.it/ye." The link does not work and leads to an empty web page.

The post has since been deleted from Harry's account but fans quickly took a screenshot which can be seen below.

Fans that have always loved the relationship between them were thrilled to see the tweet, though it is unknown whether it was sent out by mistake or if the singer was hacked. This did not stop the Larry fandom from exploding with tweets about the return of their two favorite guys.

Other fans are sure that he was hacked because they never got an alert that he posted a tweet. Or that perhaps the initial tweet was photoshopped. "I never once got a notification that he posted anything, don't know if that has anything to do with it but that's why I think he was hacked," one fan said.

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Fans were also quickly reminded of what is one of Twitter's most popular tweets that was also an exchange between the two singers.

The tweet read "Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis" and it has since gathered about 2.4 million Retweets.

The love people have for their friendship is truly astounding but why would Harry retweet a photo of Louis drinking coffee?

There is no real answer about what inspired Harry to write the tweet or what the reasoning for it was, but it has sure reignited the interest fans have in their friendship.

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