The release of Harry Styles’ new single “Sign of the Times” wasn’t without it’s technical issues.

Everyone who wanted to hear the song or have it on repeat all day after it's release was able to do so, but for a select group of fans who were hoping to stream the track on Spotify – they soon realized that searching for the song brought them zero results. It wasn't available!

No, this wasn’t a case of Spotify snubbing Hazza, them not having the rights to stream the track, or even the fault of the One Direction singer's camp. Turns out a technical glitch on the streaming giant's side prevented fans from finding the song when they search for Harry’s catalog, and from it even being a part of the streaming service’s New Music Friday playlist for a couple of hours.

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Spotify released an official statement to Variety regarding the issue once it had been resolved that reads, “There should be no further issue, though users unable to play this track need to reinstall the Spotify application to remove the cache.”

There you have it! If any other fans out there are still having issues streaming “Sign of the Times” deleting then reinstalling the Spotify app should be enough to resolve the issue.

The music service also sent out a tweet once the issue that had been resolved that said, "Hey @Harry_Styles fans, sorry if you had trouble playing this, but here it is now," and linked fans directly to his artist page.

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Though of course fans were highly upset at the glitch, and took to social media to vent their frustrations. Many urging Spotify to give Hazza back the streams he undoubtedly lost from the error.

It wasn’t all bad news for Harry. Due to the issue, a lot of fans headed over to his official Vevo account on YouTube to listen to the song and in a matter of 24 hours, “Sign of the Times” racked up an impressive 6.4 million plays! A source close to the One Direction singer admitted that despite the issue, “In the grand scheme of things, what it did across the board was bonkers.”

There’s always a silver lining, and the glitch definitely didn’t prevent the first of many Harry tracks from debuting at the top of charts.

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