Phew, we sure are happy to see that Hart Denton is doing okay. The actor, best known for his role as Chic Cooper on Riverdale, took to Instagram to share a photo from a scary car accident he was unfortunately in. Hart wasn’t driving during the intense crash – rather, he was actually a passenger in an Uber ride. And while the 25-year-old walked away without any injuries, he still wanted to share a message about what he experienced – as he had never been in a car accident before.

“tonight I was sitting in the back of an uber, stopped in traffic on the 101, when this car slammed into us. i had never been in a car crash before. life immediately feels different. give someone a big hug and a big kiss. consciousness is precious,” Hart captioned the photo he shared on Instagram, which shows the damage done to the car he was in.

He really is lucky he walked away just fine. And some of his Riverdale co-stars, like his on-screen sister and mom, shared their kind words in the comments section of the pic. “So glad you’re okay,” Lili Reinhart wrote along with some heart emojis. Mächen Amick added, “Ohhhh noooo! I’m so grateful you’re ok honey.”

lili and madchen ig comment

Hayley Law, who plays Val, a member of The Pussycats on the show, commended Hart for sharing a positive message in the wake of something truly terrifying.

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As any Riverdale fan knows, Hart is known for playing Betty’s long lost older brother Charles – aka Chic. Well, sorta. As we found out – he was actually a fraud, just pretending to be a member of the Cooper fam. He claims that he was friends with the actual Chic, who died. The real Chic was actually the son of Alice Cooper and FP Jones, so he would be Betty, Polly, and Jughead’s half brother. Oh, and did we mention Betty and Jughead are in love? So yes, it’s all very complicated. 

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It’s unclear if Hart will be appearing in the series’ upcoming third season since last we saw of his character, he was being chased by the Black Hood. There’s a good chance Chic didn’t make it out alive, and Hart hasn’t been seen on set in any of the behind-the-scenes vids and pics the cast is always uploading on social media. But what matters here is that Hart is doing just fine. Who knows, maybe he will make his way back to Riverdale at some point. 

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