When we caught up with Hayes Grier at Digifest, we had to ask him about Magcon, especially after Cameron Dallas tweeted that some of the original guys didn't want to get back together. The 15-year-old web star EXCLUSIVELY told us that he has no plans to rejoin the tour — but there are no hard feelings between him and his friends.

"I'm not going to do Magcon, no. It's tough [and] puts me in a hard position because those are like my brothers…Cameron [Dallas] is like my best friend. I wish them the best success with everything they do, and if Magcon is what they want to do, then it's what they want to do. So just let them do it and let them have fun. Hopefully, that works and I'll keep doing me and we're going to be friends still," he told J-14.

"No matter what, we're all going to be homies and we're all going to hang out all the time. That can be touring, that can be at home, that can be anywhere. So always homies."


Awww, that's so sweet! We're glad that their different career paths aren't getting in the way of their everlasting friendship. And it sounds like Hayes has some big projects on the horizon anyway. Fans have a lot to look forward to!

"Some big things [are happening] in August and September. If I spill one bean, they're all going out. It could be two [projects], max," he hinted.

We're definitely wondering what he has in the works! Even though we're obviously a bit disappointed he won't be doing another Magcon tour, we're excited to see his new projects. Will we even be able to wait until August?!

Are you upset that Hayes won't be doing Magcon? Are you glad he's still besties with the guys? Sound off in the comments

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