Have you ever wondered what life was like for Hayes Grier and Nash Grier growing up? The boys are about three years apart in age, so there’s no doubt they spent a lot of time together. They went to the same schools and both loved playing football. Plus, they became super famous Vine stars at the same time – even going on tour together while trying to make it big. But did these brothers always get along? When we caught up with Hayes recently, we asked him about his relationship with Nash – and you might be surprised by what he had to say!

“I don’t think you understand how much we did fight,” Hayes opens up to J-14. “Like every day we would literally get into fist fights.” Wow, we definitely didn’t see that coming!

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Growing up in close quarters on a 20-acre farm in Moorseville, NC, fighting became second nature to Hayes and Nash. Fists flew — and so did soup cans. Yep, you read that right. It all started one day after school. Hayes was sitting in the backseat of his dad’s truck with one of his friends and Nash.

Papa Grier had gotten out of the car to talk with their football coach. “And me and Nash were having a full on brawl in the backseat,” Hayes remembers. “So he grabs a can of soup, throws it at me and hits me in the face.”

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Obviously, Hayes couldn’t let that slide, so he retaliated. “I grab the same can of soup and try to throw it back at him, miss and it goes straight out the window — like through the window, glass everywhere and it just lands right in front of my dad,” Hayes recalls. As we’re sure you can imagine, they both got in a lot of trouble after that.

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While the soup can fight was a big one, Hayes admits it isn’t the biggest one they’ve ever had. That might be the time they were playing Wiffle ball Hayes and his dad versus Nash and their older brother, Will.

“I’m on second base, and Nash is just trying to push me off because we were the same size,” Hayes explains. “See they would mess with me like this: Push me off so Will could throw the ball back, and I’d get picked off second base.”

This had happened before, so the youngest Grier boy was sick of it. He took the skills he learned in football practice and tackled Nash, lifting his older brother off the ground. And that made Nash angry.

“He reached up and just punched me in the face — first time he ever punched me in the face in my whole life,” he says. Again, Papa Grier got upset, but this time, all his anger was directed at Nash. And you might be surprised by what Nash did next. “He went up to his closet and didn’t come out for two days,” Hayes laughs. “I have no idea what he was doing.”

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We’re not sure if the time he spent in his room made Nash realize he shouldn’t be spending so much time fighting with Hayes, but it does seem to be a lesson they’ve learned.

“Back then, we were under the same roof,” Hayes shares. “We were just competing over everything like who gets the better fork.”

Now that they’ve grown up, the Grier boys are ready to leave the physical fighting in the past — for the most part at least! Instead of bickering and throwing punches, they can talk about things rationally and support each other. At the end of the day, they’re brothers — and they can always work things out. “No matter how big-headed we get, no matter how old we get, Nash’s still my older brother,” Hayes smiles.

Story by Caitlin Murphy. "Growing up Grier, Hayes admits: 'Nasha and I got into fist fights every day!'" originally appeared in the March 2017 print issue of J-14.

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