Hey Violet member Iain Shipp has been kicked out of the band following some disturbing sexual assault allegations, which are currently still being investigated.

The band, who previously opened for 5 Seconds of Summer on tour, announced the departure of their bass player in a statement on social media after two of his ex-girlfriends claimed that he admitted to rape. While the investigation is ongoing, the band understandably felt that it’s best to continue on without him at this time.

“hi guys,” the statement read. “We wanted to say thank you for being patient while we work through this incredible difficult time. we have reached out to the parties affected both personally and through our attorney in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the situation.”

The band went on to explain that while they’re hoping there’s no truth to these allegations, the claims are still being investigated and Iain has officially made his departure.

“we are continuing to investigate the matter, but with the current details provided, there is not enough information to prove or disprove the allegations presented,” the statement continued. “we sincerely hope the allegations are untrue, but at this moment we feel it is best to continue on without iain in the band. You are all like family to us and we hope you know that we’ve been taking this very seriously. Thank you again for your understanding, we are all sending you our love.”

Iain also confirmed the news of his exit on his personal Twitter account, where he denied any and all allegations placed against him.

“I am aware of the disturbing allegations being issued against me and the matter is being investigated,” he tweeted. “They are deeply upsetting and untrue.”

“i’m no longer in hey violet,” he added. “the decision was made without ill intent. i still love rena, nia, and casey unconditionally. i can’t blame them for making the decision they did. i maintain my innocence in this matter and measures will be taken to prove so.”

The bassist, who officially joined the band in 2016, went on to say that he completely understands why fans are upset, but continued to maintain his innocence.

“i understand the outrage,” he wrote. “the hatred levied towards me is deserving of someone who has committed the atrocious act alleged. i, however, will not take the fall for something i didn’t do or claim to do.”

“the coming silence is no admittance of guilt,” Iain added. “thanks for everything.”

If you or a friend has experienced sexual assault, you can find help by calling the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE (4673) or find more resources from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center at nsvrc.org.

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