Sometimes talent runs in the family – in this case, it's the genes that have really outdone themselves.

In honor of National Brother's Day, we've decided to round up the hottest Hollywood brothers of all time. And no, we're not talking about those secret brothers you never knew some of your favorite celebrities had. Even though we have to admit, Taylor Swift's brother Austin Swift is mighty fine. But, here, we are talking celebrity brother pairs who are all in the spotlight.

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Whether some are into music, acting or both, these brothers are mega stars. You'd think getting into this industry would be difficult, but these brothers have proved that with good looks and talent you can basically do anything.

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Everyone from the Jonas' to Hemsworth's to the Spouse's, these celebrity brothers will make you awestruck. While some brothers might be more famous than others, one thing is for sure – family always comes first. They have been caught hanging out off the red carpet, behind the camera, and with their significant others. Not only are these brothers physically attractive but their relationship with each other is adorable.

It's a day of brotherly love and we can't help but embrace it!

Click through the gallery and check out the hottest Hollywood brothers of all time!

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