Coachella Valley might be hot temperature-wise, but the celebrity couples that attended the three-day music festival over the last two weekends were even hotter! Between the nonstop PDA, new hookups, and cute selfies, these couples sure know how to do Coachella the right way. Plus, their outfits, which ranged from bathing suit tops to cut up t-shirts, totally changed the game.

Three days in the desert with your boo is definitely something to remember and something to be captured on camera! These celebrity couples took to social media, showing how Coachella makes you fall in love with your significant other even harder than you already are.

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No really, the way these couples are looking at each other, holding hands and smiling, just shows that they were on freaking cloud nine. They look super happy and, to be honest, why wouldn't they be? Can you imagine anything better?!

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Coachella might be a music festival, but there's no denying that it brings people together in a really romantic sort of way. Maybe it's the fantastical magic of it all, maybe it really is the music, or maybe just maybe it's that hot sun that makes everyone a bit lightheaded. Whatever it is, the attraction between these celebrity couples at Coachella is turned all the way up.

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