What a time to be alive! Coachella is back and better than ever. The iconic music festival returned in April 2022 following a two-year break due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“A little Coachella memory,” Vanessa Hudgens shared in 2022 via Instagram. “This was one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn. A cause I felt like a fairy and it was a great way to make space to dance lol. U guys still planning on going in October? To SPOOKCHELLA? Lol”

Over the years, the High School Musical star has become known as the queen of the festival.

“I love having space and it’s hard when you’re crammed in with a bunch of people, so I like putting out a tapestry and then setting all my stuff down,” she told HelloGiggles in 2018 when sharing secrets of the festival. “You can claim your space and then can actually have room to dance, which is nice.”

She’s since mastered what to bring along with her to the desert.

“When I first started going, I would just throw tons of stuff into my suitcase and see what I put together [at the festival],” she told People in March 2019. “Now, because I don’t have enough time, I try to just put together a few outfits the day before I go, then [pick based on] how I’m feeling that day.”

However, her looks haven’t always hit.

“I remember one year I stayed in an RV and I didn’t have a full-length mirror,” Vanessa recalled during the same interview. “It was cold and raining so I wore rain boots with thigh high tights. It was just not a good look.”

Not only has Coachella become a celebrity hot spot over the years, but it’s the festival for all the stars to show off their best looks — even when performing. Billie Eilish — who has performed at the show in 2019 and 2022 — doesn’t put too much into her outfits because it’s more about the performance.

“I feel like the reason I always get so excited and happy whenever I get the crowd to literally be jumping — like, their heads are all the same height every time they jump, so basically it means they’re all jumping — every time I do that I just feel grateful, because I’m a girl,” she told Teen Vogue in June 2018 . “I’m a girl on a stage, and I’m getting a bunch of people in a crowd to jump and have fun, and that’s so rare to me.”

Scroll through our gallery to see the stars’ best looks from Coachella over the years. 

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